Saving you money

We can save you money through efficient document management and archiving. Over 80% of all company documents are still stored on paper. The law requires that many files be stored from six to ten years. As your company grows, so does the size of your archives. This means that more has to be spent on storing and managing mountains of paper.

By entrusting your document management to AML, you can save money. And time. And since time is money, well, you save even more money.

We can save you money with professional material supply logistics. We order, monitor, supply and then reorder. We can negotiate financing and help you to manage cash flow.

Not only that, but we can reduce your costs through bulk buying and efficient warehousing. With AML, you only pay for the warehouse space you actually use. And we carry the risk if your stock is damaged or stolen.

How AML can save you money:

  • Outsourcing makes strategic sense
  • Rationalising saves money
  • You only pay for the warehouse space you actually use
  • You save time by delegating processes to AML
  • You save on office space, personnel and materials
  • You can optimise your business processes
  • You are protected against stock loss or damage
  • You can concentrate on your core business
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